Weight Watchers Before & After 1973

From inside the 5th anniversary Weight Watchers of Arizona booklet featuring recipes from executive chef, Franco Palumbo, “The chef who lost his pot.” January 29th through February 3, 1973 was officially proclaimed “Weight Watchers Week” by the governor of Arizona.

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Nutrition Advice for Kids from 1971

I have a groovy nutrition booklet for kids from 1971 called Mystery at the Food Power Tower published by the “National Live Stock and Meat Board.” Other than a creepy clown that prohibits adults from entering the tower with their children (and parents who entrust them to the clown), it offers some sensible, straight-forward advice to kids about eating healthy.

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Mr. Peanut’s 1970s Vintage Diet

Here we have a glimpse of vintage diets through the Monocle of Mr. Peanut. Mr. Peanut suggests kids take note of the calories they consume and promotes the importance of weighing in. Caution: Mr. Peanut doesn’t hold back his displeasure of what he sees!

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