Diet or Die: The Dolly Dimples Weight Reducing Plan

Celesta “Dolly Dimples” Geyer’s reflections on life as the circus side show “fat lady” and her quest to save her life by losing weight are shared in her 1968 book. Ms. Geyer lost over 400 pounds and was entered in the Guinness Book of World records as “The World’s Greatest Dieter.”

1970s Weight Watchers on Body Positivity

Why does the current “body positivity” movement appear to be mostly focused on younger women, often posing closely together, in their undergarments? Do you have to be under 35 to feel good about your body? Is it possible to be modest yet love your body, or do you have to strip down and showcase yourself online and off to prove that you feel good about what your body looks like? 

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Mr. Peanut’s 1970s Vintage Diet

Here we have a glimpse of vintage diets through the Monocle of Mr. Peanut. Mr. Peanut suggests kids take note of the calories they consume and promotes the importance of weighing in. Caution: Mr. Peanut doesn’t hold back his displeasure of what he sees!

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Vintage 1950s Knox Diet

Inside one of my vintage diet booklets from the 1950s is the “Choice-Of-Foods” diet from Knox Gelatine. As to be expected, aspics, food molds and other forms of “gel cookery” are an integral part of the diet and recipes are provided. In addition to the meals, gelatin drinks are touted as between meal snacks, such as a cold glass of gelatin with 3/4 cup fruit juice or, served hot when mixed with broth. The Knox “Booster” drink contains 3-6 tablespoons of dry milk.

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Mama Cass Elliot “Diet”

From What A Way To Lose, 1969: “I’ve invented a fabulous new diet. It costs only $2,000 for each pound you lose. It also weakens your natural resistance to disease. I can’t guarantee it, but the Mama Cass Diet can give you acute tonsillitis, hemorrhaging vocal cords, mononucleosis and a dangerous case of hepatitis. At least that’s what it did for me. I lost my health–and more than a quarter of a million dollars in earnings as a singer.”

Vintage Lane Bryant Diet

There was a time in the late 1950s/early 1960s when Lane Bryant suggested to their customers that they be mindful of the calories in their desserts! Beauty: A Matter of Balance in Fashions and Foods is a Lane Bryant diet booklet co-branded with “D-Zerta.”

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Cellulite: A Modern Issue?

Out of my hundreds of vintage diet books and thousands of pages of women’s magazines I have not seen a single mention of the word “cellulite” until this April 15th, 1968 issue of Vogue. Is that because women were free of cellulite, or was it present but not seen as something to scrutinize and for which we should feel ashamed?

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