1950s “Don’ts For Dieters” Booklet: Advice from the Stars

Here are some wise Hollywood “diet don’ts” followed by their own “dos” from Alfred Hitchcock and Doris Day found in my booklet printed circa 1959 by National Research Bureau:

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I’m Averyl and I actively blog over at Simple Living New England about my life in Maine along with traditional recipes and posts about how I maintain my weight loss through The Retro American Diet™. I’m also in the process of writing a new book about it!

This blog, VintageDiets.com, is a virtual showcase of vintage diet booklets, meal plans, articles and more from my personal collection. Are these relics fat shaming, silly, scientifically sound or simply representative of an earlier era? Weigh in with your comments!

For a more academic yet personal look at the 1950s diet please check out American Women Didn’t Get Fat in the 1950s.


Weight Watchers Before & After 1973

From inside the 5th anniversary Weight Watchers of Arizona booklet featuring recipes from executive chef, Franco Palumbo, “The chef who lost his pot.” January 29th through February 3, 1973 was officially proclaimed “Weight Watchers Week” by the governor of Arizona.

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1950s “Tubby Hubby” Diet Booklet

As you can see, this rare little vintage diet booklet by Josephine Lowman has spent a lot of time in the original owner’s kitchen evidenced by lots of what looks like cookery splatter. It was tucked inside an old cook book I purchased at an estate sale. Lowman promises: “It’s simple to recondition a used, slightly misshapen husband.” Continue reading “1950s “Tubby Hubby” Diet Booklet”

Sylvia of Hollywood: Chill Out

Successful weight loss and overall well-being requires that we practice stress reduction. If you’re stressed it will be more difficult to stick to a new eating routine. Here are some tips from Sylvia:

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No More Alibis!

Are you one of the millions of people whose resolution for the New Year is to lose weight? Are you tired of all of the new claptrap and never-ending studies that suggest being overweight has nothing to do with how much you eat, or move, or don’t move? Are you looking for old-fashioned advice that works if you work it 30s Hollywood style?

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A Victorian Era Cautionary Christmas Diet Tale

I have a collection of antique Christmas children’s books. One such book from 1905, published by McLoughlin Bros New York and illustrated by G.A. Davis is appropriately titled The Christmas Book. It contains “The Night Before Christmas” but also a little known cautionary tale, “The Day After Christmas”. I’m sharing the colorful pages with you here and hope you will enjoy reading the diet advice which is delivered in a lighthearted way:

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Nutrition Advice for Kids from 1971

I have a groovy nutrition booklet for kids from 1971 called Mystery at the Food Power Tower published by the “National Live Stock and Meat Board.” Other than a creepy clown that prohibits adults from entering the tower with their children (and parents who entrust them to the clown), it offers some sensible, straight-forward advice to kids about eating healthy.

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Diet or Die: The Dolly Dimples Weight Reducing Plan

Celesta “Dolly Dimples” Geyer’s reflections on life as the circus side show “fat lady” and her quest to save her life by losing weight are shared in her 1968 book. Ms. Geyer lost over 400 pounds and was entered in the Guinness Book of World records as “The World’s Greatest Dieter.”