Before & After

I lost 10% of my weight and have kept it off since by eating “retro.”

It all began when I examined the American diet and food culture of the 1950s which I documented in my book published in 2013, American Women Didn’t Get Fat in the 1950s. It helped me reset my diet and thinking to a more outdated yet healthy approach. I then began reading diet, exercise and cook books from earlier decades and found even more inspiration and sound practices for healthy living.


My husband, Wayne, also lost weight and regained his health after he read my book (even though it’s directed at women) and followed my retro eating plans at home. Years later we’re still sticking to it and Wayne has kept off the excess weight!

Averyl Wayne St Ann's Episcopal Church Wedding Kennebunkport Maine (13)

At our wedding, September 2018


Of course there was also plenty of vintage dietary advice at which to throw shade and give the side-eye, but I will include some of those things, too. I’ve found that not everyone can agree on what constitutes sound thinking versus bad advice, and some of it is for pure entertainment value.

Join me as I share some of my vintage finds pertaining to diet, weight loss and nutrition!

(Oh and about me: I grew up in New York City but call New England home. I hold a B.A. in English from the University of Maine in Orono and an M.S. in Counselor Education from The University of Vermont. You can check out more about me on my blog, Simple Living in New England.)