1950s “Don’ts For Dieters” Booklet: Advice from the Stars

vintage diet booklet from the 1950s with the title "don'ts for dieters"

Here are some wise Hollywood “diet don’ts” followed by their own “dos” from Alfred Hitchcock and Doris Day found in my booklet printed circa 1959 by National Research Bureau:

Don'ts For Dieters (4).jpg

Don’t be diet-bored, says Alfred Hitchcock, who periodically goes on 750 calories a day. “It’s a hard state of mind to acquire, but you must get a kick out of dieting, you must be excited, ecstatic about the achievement; or you will put weight back on as fast as you take it off. The trick in counting calories is to get as much value as you can–like shopping with a limited budget. Why sacrifice 300 calories for baked beans when you can get a cup of string beans for 25?”

Don'ts For Dieters (2).jpg

Don’t grab a quick snack, like a doughnut for breakfast, says Doris Day, who attributes her radiant health to right eating habits she had to learn. “I found I didn’t have enough energy to get through the morning,” Miss Day says. She now eats a good breakfast, altering eggs and bacon with a sugar in her coffee, health cookies, vegetables cooked in little water–rather than overprocessed foods the body stores as fat–are what she calls “false foods.” With dieting goes exercise such as swimming and tennis, she adds.

Don'ts For Dieters (1).jpg


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