Sylvia of Hollywood: Chill Out

Successful weight loss and overall well-being requires that we practice stress reduction. If you’re stressed it will be more difficult to stick to a new eating routine. Here are some tips from Sylvia:

Sylvia Hollywood Nerves (1).jpg

I suspect Sylvia would lump Facebook and Reality TV in with hectic, melodramatic shows!

Sylvia Hollywood Nerves (2).jpg

Sylvia gave the following exercise to 1930s film star Ruth Chatterton, who said that no matter how nervous she was, it put her right to sleep:

Apply cold cream at the outer corners of your eyes. Lying in bed, put the middle finger of each hand on that space between your outer eye and brow. Rotate the fingers lightly in a small circle, as indicated by me (see the first photo.). This will help you relax and put you to sleep in no time.

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