No More Alibis!

Are you one of the millions of people whose resolution for the New Year is to lose weight? Are you tired of all of the new claptrap and never-ending studies that suggest being overweight has nothing to do with how much you eat, or move, or don’t move? Are you looking for old-fashioned advice that works if you work it 30s Hollywood style?

Sylvia of Hollywood is here from the 1930s to rescue your figure!

Sylvia “is absolutely sincere, straight from the shoulder, practical above all.” In other words even for her time, she did not make use of “flowery adjectives” to soften her delivery:

During my experience with the stars of Hollywood, I had talked to them as they had never been talked to before. I had talked to them as a mother talks to a naughty child. I made them do things for me they wouldn’t do for themselves. I bawled them out! I told them what was what! And babies, they took it!

“Like” if you’re ready for No More Alibis in 2019!

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