Kellogg’s Special K Cereal Ads: 1950s vs Now

The Special K ad from 1959 on the left is quite cheerful, isn’t it? A happy father, smiling moms, a cute baby and healthy benefits are being promoted without any mention of it being a tool for weight loss. Wholesome stuff. I find the ad on the right from the 2013 Ladies Home Journal to be rather…gross.

I understand the concept that their marketing department wants to get across without making an outright claim: Special K will kill your desire to eat a jelly doughnut and sweets in general. But “the protein effect” next to what appears to be a bloody, and not jelly, donut makes me wonder. Are they trying to subliminally imply that monthly cravings will be conquered?? Even if they are, I now associate their cereal with an unpleasant image. I find the 1950s ad to be far more effective at making Special K seem appetizing!

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