Mr. Peanut’s 1970s Vintage Diet

Here we have a glimpse of vintage diets through the Monocle of Mr. Peanut. The present-day CDC advises kids to NOT count calories: So, should you “count calories?” Nah. It’s easiest to just follow a healthy eating style and pay attention to your body. Mr. Peanut begs to differ and suggests kids take note of the calories they consume, and why:


He also teaches the importance of weighing in.  Caution: Mr. Peanut doesn’t hold back his displeasure of what he sees!
Here we see TV used an example of what can lead to weight gain if enough energy isn’t burned otherwise, or food consumption isn’t lowered to match a sedentary lifestyle.


A calorie chart is provided so kids and their parents can use it as a guide.

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