Vintage Lane Bryant Diet

There was a time in the late 1950s/early 1960s when Lane Bryant suggested to their customers that they be mindful of the calories in their desserts! Beauty: A Matter of Balance in Fashions and Foods is a Lane Bryant diet booklet co-branded with “D-Zerta.”

Vintage Lane Bryant Diet Booklet (3).jpg

Vintage Lane Bryant Diet Booklet (1).jpg

“This booklet is dedicated to each Lady Bountiful who wishes to make the most of her beauty by looking and feeling her best.

“Lane Bryant, famous for fashion leadership, discloses secrets to help you select precisely what is right for your figure type in line, design, and fabric. Also revealed here are hints for enhancing your beauty with charm and poise. 

“Offered by General Foods Kitchens are easy and elegant ways to stick to your weight watcher’s menu with a host of delightful recipes–all calorie curbed and made the modern way with low-calorie D-Zerta Gelatins and Puddings.”

Vintage Lane Bryant Diet Booklet (4).jpg

The booklet espouses the merits of having “feminine curves” and that men are pleased that “1/5 of the nation’s women withstood get-thin propaganda and remain size 18 or over.”  Also, “extra poundage is no more restricting than red hair. Once aware of your individual figure type, you can start learning how to emphasize the less attractive ones.

The bottom line is that Lane Bryant is also promoting D-Zerta: “These desserts can help you keep from adding ounces-may even help you subtract a few.

Vintage Lane Bryant Diet Booklet (5).jpg

“Having a full figure does not kill one’s desire for desserts and snacks. But calories are less of a problem when you make a snack of a dish of D-Zerta Gelatin or Pudding.”

3 thoughts on “Vintage Lane Bryant Diet

  1. K says:

    So glad I found your websites again! I miss the Outdated By Design site, but you new ones are equally nice. The Serene New England one – just started looking through – will be a treat because of all the amazing photography.

    LOL! I remember D-zerta. I don’t think I ever tried it, as I was a kid, but I remember seeing it in the store when shopping with my mother.

    It is funny how people thought they were fat and dieted to slim down back in the 60s and 70s, but pictures of them “heavy” compared to “normal’ size people now, and they look quite slim! A little common sense, real food, and portion control go a long way.

    Take care and please keep up the interesting posts!


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